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Sami Links

The following are web sites that Northern Lavvu had found to be useful in exploring Sami culture. The people, organizations, businesses, or any other entities listed here does not infer that they support Northern Lavvu or its products. The names listed here are only for informational and educational purposes only.

Sami History

  • Unoffical Flags of Sami People.
    - An excelent site regading the history of the Sami flag

  • An Introduction to the Sami People here. - Another excelent site about the Sami People from a Sami personal perspective.

    Sami Culture and Arts

  • Sami Traditional Arts

  • Kurt Seaberg - an internationally known Sami-American artist and friend.

    Sami Genealogy

  • Johnson's Sami Ancestory

  • Chris Pesklo's Norwegian-Sami-American Genealogy (the lavvu makers genealogy) here.

    Sami Language

  • UNESCO Red Book On Endangered Languages: Europe
    - An excelent site about the status of thousands of languages.

    The Sami Home Land

  • Sami placenames
    - A great website if you are looking for placenames while searching Sami geanealogy.

    Sami Music

  • Marie Boine - Wikipedia has a good site for her, but she also has a My Space site about her music. A major influance on modern Sami culture and music.

  • Nils Aslak Valkeapää (1945-2001) - A cultural icon. We will miss him.

  • Angelit - Formerly known as Angelin tytot (Annel nieiddat). Their Wikipedia site has a good description of them

  • Northside Records - A record lable sponsoring many Scandinavian artists.

    Sami Films

  • Pathfinder - (1988) A classic Sami film about a thousand year old saga. It was the first full-length film in Sami, and it was a candidate for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1988. Nils-Aslak Valkeapää played one of the parts as well as writing the music to the film - a must see...

  • Give Us Our Skeletons! - (2000) A controversial film about the Norwegian Governements' refusal to return the remains of Sami execution victims from the 1850's.

  • The Herdswoman - (2007) A story of three women of three generations and their lives with their reindeer herds. Each fight for their livelihood and for the right to their culture. But in different ways the three women suffer from fate. A serious accident, a lawsuit, and possible starvation of their reindeer - is there a future?
    To be released in Fall, 2007.

  • The Dark Forest - A film to be released sometime in the future. A mystery drama based on a true story about a Finnish/Sami family during World War Two. The lavvus shown in the movie were made by Northern Lavvu. No website available as of yet.

    Sami Government

  • Sami Diggi - The Sami Parliament that represents the Sami People in Sampi.
    of Norway, Sweden, or Finland

  • Sami Radio - The offical radio station of the Sami People based in Norway.

  • Norwegian Radio - nuff said...

    What happened to SANA - Sami Association of North America?
    Although there are a few web sites that still have links to the Sami Association of North America (SANA) website, they are no longer in exisitance. SANA has been disbanded since 1997.