Campfires and Stoves in Your Lavvu

Top of the Stove Pipe through the Lavvu Poles
Stove with Lavvu
A Other View of the Stove

One of the major advantages of our lavvus compared to modern tents is that you can have a comfortable fire inside the structure, protected from wind, rain or snow. With proper positioning of your lavvu you can have an open fire inside that is well ventilated from smoke.

An alternative to an open fire is having a lightweight wood burning stove in your lavvu. The stove shown in the above photographs is the Ultra Light I from Four-Dog Stoves of Saint Francis, Minnesota. It is made of titanium, weighing eight pounds and works very well with this lavvu. The stove piping can be put right through the top of the lavvu's smoke hole (works best with five piece piping instead of the included four pieces - ask for an extra one).

Using Caution and Common Sense
As always, common sense should be used when using fire in an enclosed area - including a lavvu. The fabric used in our lavvu is made of 100% cotton denim, which can resist heat and fire very well, but it is not fire proof - in fact, nothing is fire proof. Our burn tests have shown that this material will not ignite when in direct contact with an open flame. Any rouge spark will not ignite denim and any fire that is hot enough to threaten the lavvu would have been long ago made uncomfortable for the person inside. Fires should never be left unattended.

The biggest threat from fire inside a lavvu is what is brought into the lavvu. Manufactured fabrics such as polyester and other plastic fabrics that are often used for sleeping bags or ground linings, can burn very easily and with little warning. Be very careful what you bring into the lavvu. We have had great success using wool blankets, they are naturally fire resistant (ask your local fire department why they use wool blankets...). For added safty and comfort, Northern Lavvu provides water repealant and fire resistant floor mats for your sleeping bag or air mattress. Northern Lavvu will not be held liable for any damages caused by any fire or stove used in the lavvu. See our warranties section for issues regarding fires or stoves used inside the Lavvu.

Very Important...

Do not start a fire in a lavvu using flamable liquid - the flamable vapor will build up within the enclosed structure and it will explode! Fires should never be left unattended!

Children should always be supervised when near fire!

Children should always be supervised when near fire!